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New and improved features

  • Added new Additional creatives functionality
  • Added completion rate report for VAST-specific progress events, see Video report per campaign

  • [Adhese Gateway] Allow individual campaigns and/or bookings to compete with RTB

  • Added to booking overview: edit multiple bookings – modify start and/or end date of multiple bookings.

  • Added to HTML5 creatives: uploading of zip files for 2nd-6th files

  • [Hotfolder] Changed way mails are sent for missing / faulty creatives

  • [Adhese Gateway ] Added support for app specific parameters
  • Invoice reports now contain ratecard-specific information (if applicable) 
  • Added configuration setting to enable or disable logging of overbooking in user history and show warning
  • Preview domains are now fully accessible for asynchronous requests
  • Changed preview click URL to more closely simulate the actual live situation in various situations
  • Improved CPM and CPP calculation for certain edge cases
  • [Admin] Added (searchable) subformats to position list.
  • [API] Exposed advertiser_companies.ams_number in the AdvertiserCompany API
  • [API] Added option for "Combine" settings 
  • [API] Added LastModified attribute to all applicable API responses
  • [back-end] Added extra scheduling functionality to log processing and reporting


  • Impression, clicks and CTR are now sortable on the creative overview screen
  • Modified behaviour of "Select all" button in targeting lists 
  • Improved form behaviour on booking detail screen
  • Improved handling of removed locations
  • Harmonized and improved downloading of reports
  • Ensured mime types in preview exactly match
  • Added advertiser_creatives_id to campaign actions report 
  • Added more effective check for rotation files 
  • Improved handling of 0 bytes files
  • Solved issue with Adhese interface on Safari/Chrome on iDevices
  • Improved saving of advar creatives
  • Improved handling of cache-control header
  • Inventory: corrected start date handling in daily traffic graph 
  • various code optimisations
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