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The Adhese Gateway allows your direct sales to compete with RTB systems – optimising revenue from every advertising space in real-time.

Before we explain how to enable competition with RTB revenue in the Adhese interface, we will first give a brief description of the Adhese Gateway itself. 

Usually, publishers determine which type of sale (direct revenue versus third-party RTB revenue) takes precedence. This order of precedence results in a cascade structure where, for example, direct sales or in-house campaigns always take priority. The ad space is offered to the next priority level only if the other priority level has no ad to offer. The result is a situation in which there is no competition between the different priority levels – failing to take advantage of potentially higher revenue.

Cascade approach

The Adhese Gateway is different from the cascade structure. The Gateway allows the two revenue streams to be weighed up against one another so that Adhese can select the most economical offer. The SSP receives the original price from direct sales as a proxy bid. This triggers higher bids since it gives a known value for the impression. Furthermore, it is possible to set a dynamic bottom price (that depends, for example, on the point in time or known user data) when a proxy bid from direct sales is not available.

Adhese Gateway

The Adhese Gateway offers a couple of advantages. First, it reduces latency and bandwidth usage. The Gateway ensures that communication with an SSP takes place server-side by applying a strict time-out so that there is not a waiting time when loading ads from a third party. Besides, the standardised request-response structure and built-in time-out allow for a simple implementation on a complete network and all devices and platforms.

Enable competition with RTB revenue in the Adhese interface

Optional, depends on your Adhese configuration.

The Adhese Gateway allows users to easily specify within the interface whether a campaign and/or booking(s) should compete with RTB revenue:

  • For campaigns, go to the Header tab of the campaign for which you want to implement competition with RTB and enable the RTB checkbox. Click here for more information.
  • For bookings, go to the Header tab of the booking for which you want to implement competition with RTB and enable the RTB checkbox under the How section. Click here for more information.
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