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Note that the specific contents of the campaign filter may be different for other types of Adhese users.

The general Campaign overview and the Delivery overview both have a campaign filter

The campaign filter allows you to select different kinds of campaigns. The content of the tabulated overview will change according to the selected campaign attributes.

  • You can choose to select:
    • Campaigns
      • that are online;
      • ending soon (including campaigns ended until two weeks ago);
      • starting soon (i.e. within two weeks);
      • that have ended recently (within the last two weeks).
    • All campaigns.

      You can select only one of the five buttons.
  • Select all campaigns that are online within a certain period;
  • Select campaigns by using the Booking filter. The Booking filter narrows your selection by publication, location, or format or a combination of two or more of these variables;
    • You can choose to select or deselect all publications, formats, and locations in the header row by enabling the respective checkbox. 
    • If you hold down the ALT key and click the column's name (not the checkbox), the selection of items inverts. 

Booking filter - Click to see larger view

  • Add one or more additional filters that let you select campaigns that
    • are booked with SOV as delivery method;
    • are underdelivering;

      The underdelivering campaign filter takes only running bookings into account. 

    • are options;
    • are booked with auto as delivery method;

    • the logged-in user has created;
    • have no uploaded creatives or no trafficked creatives and bookings;
    • have a high priority;
    • recently used campaigns (campaigns you created, worked on or watched in the last 72 hours)
    • are team campaigns;
    • are offers.

It is possible to combine the above filters to obtain a more granular section of campaign inventory.  

Besides, the campaign filter also has a search bar.

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