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Below you find a list of cookies that Adhese can set. 

The Lifetime column details when the cookie expires. The Object column describes what the cookie is used for. The Domain column specifies whether the cookie is registered under the domain name of the publisher (first) or under another domain name than the publisher's domain (third). 

Cookie nameLifetimeObjectDomain
adhese230 daysUnique, anonymous user IDthird
cap*Campaign dependentFrequency capping utility cookiethird
adttr*10 daysConsumed context trackingthird
rubicon_uid_last_sync24 hoursUsed to determine of a user is still in sync with the SSPfirst
rubicon_uid30 daysUsed for syncing a user with the SSPthird

Cookies that are set for the purpose of behavioural targeting have a lifetime of thirty days. 

For more information about the privacy and cookie policy of Adhese, refer to

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