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To create a new channel:

  1. Create a new location, see Create a new location.

    Do not forget to select a group level in the Channel drop-down.
  2. Create a new position, see Create a new position

  3. Click Channels in the Administration screen. This opens the Channels screen.
    Channels screen - Click for a larger view
    For more information about the Channels screen, refer to Channels
  4. Click the channel position you have just created. This opens the Edit channel screen. Based on the selected format, all available positions from across your complete network appear in the left column.
    Edit channel screen - Click for larger view
  5. To add a position to the channel, select a position from the left list of available positions and click the >>> button.
  6. To remove a position from the channel, select a position from the right list of positions that are in channel and click the <<< button.
  7. Click the Save button to finish.
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