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To add a new publication:

  1. Click Admin in the left navigation menu. This opens the Administration screen.
  2. Click Publications. This opens the Publications screen.
    Publications screen - Click for a larger view
    For more information about the Publications screen, refer to Publications
  3. Click the Create a new publication button. This opens the Create a new publication screen, where you provide the details for the new publication.
    Create a new publication screen - Click for a larger view 
  4. In the Publisher drop-down, select the publisher to which the publication belongs.
  5. Select yes or no to determine whether the status of the publication is active or not in the Active? drop-down. By default, a new publication is active. If a publication has an inactive status, you can not use it for the purpose of ad serving.
  6. Enter a name for the publication in the Name field.
  7. (Optional) Enter a short name for the publication in the Quote field. Adhese uses the quote as a short notation for the publication and displays it in the list of locations (see Create a new location).
  8. (Optional) Provide the Code mdb in the Comment field. The Code mdb is an external code for use in Belgium only


    MDB (Media Data Bank) is the name of the activity that measures and identifies advertising campaigns in Belgium. To extract an MDB declarations report (if available for your account), click the following URL: (do not forget to replace client with your Adhese host name). Please note that the MDB feature does not get actively maintained anymore. For more information about the methodology and identification rules of the MDB ID, refer to and
  9. (Optional) Enter the publisher’s contact details in the Street, Number, Postal code, City, Country, Phone, and Fax field
  10. To preview uploaded creatives in Adhese, provide the URL of the publication's website in the Website field.
  11. Click the Save button beneath the form to save your new publication.
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