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To create a new user:

  1. Click Admin in the left navigation menu. This opens the Administration screen.
    Administration screen - Click for a larger view
  2. Click Users. This opens the Users screen.
    Users screen - Click for a larger view
    For more information about the Users screen, refer to Users
  3. Click the Create a new user button. This opens the Create a new user screen.
    Create a new user screen - Click for a larger view
  4. Define the following details for the new user:
    • Select a publisher in the Company drop-down. This property determines for which publishers and/or sub-publishers a user can create a campaign for. Accordingly, the Campaign overview will only show the campaigns from the relevant (sub)publishers. 
    • Choose a username in the Login field.
    • Pick a password in the Password field.
    • Determine whether or not the user's status is active in the Active drop-down.
    • Select a user level in the User type drop-down.
    • Select the user's default campaign priority in the Default order priority drop-down. The default order priority is the default value of a priority when you are creating a campaign. The default value is set at the highest available priority.
    • Select the user's maximum campaign priority in the Maximum order priority drop-down. For example, a user can book a campaign at any priority if you set the maximum priority value at paying. However, if you set this value at inhouse, the user can only book campaigns at the inhouse priority level or a lower priority like stopper. The default value is set at the highest available priority.
    • Enter the first name of the user in the First name field.
    • Enter the last name of the user in the Last name field.
    • (Optional) Select the gender of the user in the Gender drop-down.
    • Select the language of the Adhese interface in the Language drop-down. The following languages are available to choose from: English, Dutch, and French.
    • Enter the user's email address in the Email field.
    • (Optional) Enter the user's phone number in the Phone field.
  5. Click Save.
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