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Create a new position

To create a new position for each desired combination of a format and location of a publication:

  1. Click Admin in the left navigation menu. This opens the Administration screen.
  2. Click Positions. This opens the Positions screen.

    For more information about the Positions screen, refer to Positions.

  3. Click the Create a position button. This opens the Create a new position screen.
    Create a new position screen - Click for a larger view
  4. Choose a location from the Location drop-down.
  5. Choose a format from the Format drop-down.
  6. (Optional) Enter a name for the position in the Name field.
  7. If you wish to serve, for example, a leaderboard banner ad in the header and the footer of the homepage, you have two identical formats but at a different position. To differentiate the positions from each other, provide any integer number and/or a string of characters in the URL field of each subsequent position.
  8. (Optional) In the Preview URL field, enter a URL for live previewing a creative. Instead of linking the preview URL to a publication, you can pick a specific page where this position will appear.
  9. (Optional) Enter a comment in the Comment field.
  10. Skip the next property (Server) as it is of no significance anymore.
  11. Select a position type from the Position type drop-down. Refer to Position types for a more detailed discussion about this concept.
  12. Click the Save button beneath the form to save your new position.
To create a position that has one or more similar properties as an already existing position, you can copy the existing position

Bulk create positions

It is a time consuming process to create a position for each format you want to deliver on a location. That’s why Adhese provides the possibility to create multiple locations and positions for different formats at once.

To create multiple positions at once:

  1. Click Bulk create positions in the Administration screen. This opens the Bulk create positions screen.
  2. Select a publication from the Publication drop-down.
  3. Select one or more formats from the Templates field.
  4. Select a position type from the Position Type drop-down.
  5. Define a new location in the Products (name,url,code) field. Enter the following details and separate them with a comma:
    1. Enter the name of the location in the Name fieldChoose a clear and logical name.
    2. Define the URL for the location in the URL field. The URL should follow the scheme that was agreed upon in the setup process. Please note that the URL needs to be unique, so two locations can never have the same URL.

    3. (Optional) Provide the code or foreign key of the location in case Adhese integrates with your existing CMS.
  6. Click the save slots button to create the positions. 


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