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You want to reach and engage your audience anywhere, on any medium or platform. However, it is essential to provide a consistent and correct ad experience across all your communication channels. This experience is key to all future contacts with your visitors. Adhese ensures a consistent experience by delivering the right content or ad to the right visitor – regardless of the platform – and manages traditional display inventory next to mobile web, in-app, video inventory, and more in a single platform. The setup of Adhese allows a truly platform-agnostic functioning on the client-side and doesn’t mind what platform it's working on.

Adhese supports the following platforms:

  • Websites: From single sites, such as webshops or social networks, to international clusters of corporate sites;
  • Mobile
    • Mobile sites: Adhese serves ads within any mobile environment – be it a mobile-friendly, responsive or adaptive website design;
    • Applications: Standalone apps, second-screen innovations, news apps … Adhese integrates with all types of applications, both Android and iOS (or more exotic types);
  • Video
    • VAST: Adhese makes use of the IAB's Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) protocol. VAST enables a scalable distribution of in-stream video ads across different video players. See or Video ad serving for more information. However, it is not necessary to have actual video content or inventory to serve a video ad. Adhese can serve video ads outside the environment of a video player as well, such as an autoplay video ad inside a content article;
    • Video with Companion ads: Adhese can simultaneously serve any type of ad or content based on the video, but outside of the video player – allowing for more impact and visibility of the advertiser's message;
  • Mailing lists: Based on available profile lists, Adhese integrates with mailing lists and provides targeted solutions. Moreover, we can adjust the behaviour of a website when a visitor arrives directly from a newsletter (or any other platform);
  • … and more: Connected or Smart TV, TV set-top boxes, public screens, promo tablets in stores and/or at the point of sale, your internal broadcast system, beacons, etc.

For every platform you would like us to investigate, give us a call.

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