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Adhese has a drop box-like feature called Hotfolder. A hotfolder is a folder on the Adhese server where you can upload creatives. To access the hotfolder you use SFTP or rsync. If you drop a creative file in the Hotfolder, the Hotfolder processes the creative files on demand or automatically on the basis of a schedule. Adhese processes any creative that you upload by means of the Hotfolder in the exact same way as a creative that you upload manually in the interface of Adhese. You can upload any type of creative with the Hotfolder.

Upload creatives into the Hotfolder using FTP

Give a name to the uploaded creatives

The creative ID is the key to connect a creative file to a specific booking. This ID must be equal to the external key of the booking. Using this unique key, Adhese knows which booking the creative must be linked to. 

For the ease of processing, every file you want to upload via the Hotfolder must follow a specific name structure.

There are three ways to add a creative ID (or the external key) to the file name. In the following examples, the external key of the booking is equivalent to 1234567A8.

  • as the full name of a file, for example 1234567A8.jpg
  • as the last part of the name of the file, preceded by an _ (underscore) and followed by a dot and a file name extension, for example leaderboard-coca-cola_123456A8.jpg
  • as part of the namepreceded and followed by an _ (underscore), for example leaderboard-coco-cola_123456A8_version-mon-10-nov-2014.jpg

If you wish to upload one and the same creative to several bookings, you have to upload this creative multiple times but with different file names. These file names each correspond to the external key of every single booking you wish to link the creative to.

Link URLs of uploaded creatives

With every creative file you have to specify a link. To do that, create a text file that only contains the URL, for example 

The file name should match the creative's file name followed by -LINK.txt. For example:

  • 123456A8-LINK.txt (if your creative’s file name is 123456A8.jpg)

  • leaderboard-coca-cola_123456A8-LINK.txt


The xxx-LINK.txt files:

  • are required for image files
  • are optional for 3rd party tags
  • will be ignored for Advar templates

Upload creatives in the Hotfolder

Use your Adhese FTP account details to connect with the FTP server through an FTP client. Please contact us if you have not received an account yet.

When you log in with an FTP client, you arrive at the correct folder on the Adhese server. The folder is empty or contains the latest files waiting to be processed (refer to next paragraph). Next,upload the creative files into this folder.

The Hotfolder will be empty after the creatives have been processed.

Extra files to be processed with the main file

For certain creatives you will need to upload several files (e.g. Expandable ads, alternative versions of the creative, …). To upload these, simply add -X2-X3, -X4, -X5 or -X6 to the key.

A valid filename for an extra file will look like this: leaderboard-coca-cola_123456A8-X2.jpg

Processing the uploaded creatives

If the creative files are uploaded through the FTP client, you can process them. To manually process the creative files:

  1. Log in to your Adhese account.
  2. Click Hotfolder in the left navigation menu of the Adhese interface. This opens the Hotfolder screen that displays the most recent Hotfolder reports.
  3. Click the Run hotfolder now button at the top of the Hotfolder screen to process the creative files you have just uploaded into the Hotfolder.

Adhese verifies every uploaded creative file and, if correct, attaches the file to the corresponding booking.

After the creatives are processed, a new report appears at the top of the Reports list. Click it and a new screen comes into view. 

In addition, you will receive an email with a link to the above report.

After a creative is uploaded through the Hotfolder functionality, an email is sent when the creative's material is missing or faulty.


Processing report

A general processing report is produced of every process made. This report is a listing of processed and unprocessed files and shows whether a file was processed correctly or not. To obtain a more detailed report, click the file name.

Files that could not be assigned are reported as 'orphaned creatives' and will be left in the hotfolder, to be processed again the next time the hotfolder is processed.

Detail report and preview page

Every processed file has its own detailed report. Each report is available online, and can be sent my email after processing.

This report contains:

  • A reference to the corresponding campaign;
  • A description of the file properties;
  • An error report (if there are any errors);
  • A preview of the creative.

Click the preview of the creative to verify the URL of the landing page. A Creative link OK message will appear. If the message does not not appear, Adhese won't measure clicks. Click the hyperlink in the message to check if the URL goes to the actual landing page. 

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