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Adhese is not just a great ad server. Adhese can be integrated into your back-office and workflow. If you let your business functions work together seamlessly, you will be able to work faster and more efficient. When you choose to integrate, we make sure that our technology will fit in with your current software. Learn more about how Adhese makes online advertising easier for you.


Do you have a nice spot on your website where advertisers are fighting for or do you have some space left that needs filling? Adhese enables the full integration of marketplaces (or ad exchanges), both for demand-side (DSP) as supply-side platforms (SSP) – and, we are continuously partnering with new parties. Refer to List of third-party ad servers and marketplaces for an overview of marketplaces Adhese integrates with.

Adhese makes automated trading simple. Be it direct-sold, in-house, or programmatic campaigns; Adhese gathers all demand sources and let them compete with each other. Adhese is a real-time decision engine and makes sure you capture the maximum value for every impression by matching the right ad to the right visitor – based on your specifications and following your strategy.

Your data stays where it is supposed to be: in your hands. You do not lose control over your inventory as you decide what inventory you want to make available.

Contact Support if you wish to integrate your inventory with a marketplace.

Profile databases

Combining all available data for optimizing revenue is the philosophy of Adhese regarding data usage. As a publisher, you probably already have access to a valuable database consisting of registered users who have registered an account for your website and/or subscribed to your newsletter.

When you combine these existing profile databases with the data Adhese is able to collect, you can refine your profiles and thus gain more and better actionable insights.

Customer Relationship Management

From prospecting to getting your clients' advertising campaigns online – the management of your customer relationships can be a complex and time consuming process. An integration of your existing CRM system with Adhese will allow for a better account management and measurement of your sales and advertising campaigns.

Content Management System

Adhese can integrate with your content management system if you want your clients' advertising campaigns to be in tune with the style of your website's design. As a result, the campaigns will be presented in a more harmonized way to your visitors and the user experience will definitely be enhanced.

This integration goes far beyond a unified look & feel. Imagine for instance you own a web shop. This allows you to sell online shelf space to your suppliers in the form of featured products on your web shop's homepage. These featured products can be targeted based on demographic variables of the visitor or its interests.

Order and Invoicing management

Would you like to able to control rates, calculate correct eCPMs and have a transparent view on discounts? By connecting Adhese with your invoicing software, you allow Sales and Account managers to create offers on the fly, without having to look through various offline rate cards. At the same time you keep control over which rates are available, who gets what commission …

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