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Manage targets

 To manage targets in Adhese click on the Targets - Manage targets link in the administration screen. The following screen becomes visible:

Manage targets overview

The screen is divided in two parts:

  • Select target types on the left side
  • Add new target and Target values on the right side

The Select target types part shows all available target types and indicates if these are editable or not: ticked boxes are editable, empty boxes are not editable. By clicking on a target type the colour changes from yellow to orange and your choice becomes visible in the Add new target / target values part of the screen.

The Add new target part is used to add a new target. To add a new target fill in a name, give it a code and hit the Add Target button. The code has to be unique to be accepted by the application.

The Target values part has:

  • a search box
  • a back and next button showing the amount of pages for this particular target

  • a checkbox to hide or show inactive entries.

 The list can be sorted by either clicking on the #, name or code .

You can edit the name of each target. After editing you can save your changes by clicking the save button.

You can deactivate a target by clicking on the deactivate button. When a target is deactivated the button changes into activate.

View Logs

All changes made to the targets are logged and become visible by clicking the View logs link. 

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