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The Where section makes it possible to determine where to serve a booking and its attached creatives by choosing a position (i.e. the combination of a location and format).

Add a position

To choose a position:

  1. Click Add position. This opens the Search publication, location & format modal window.
  2. Choose a position by selecting a publication, location, and format.

    Selecting a publisher on campaign level (see Internal) will filter the relevant positions for bookings inside the campaign.

    Select a position - click for a larger view
    If you have selected a position, the overview provides data about the position's forecasted volume by means of position averages. Position averages represent an interval distribution of the impressions or contacts you are able to reach (with a 95% certainty).

  3. Click the Save button to save your position.

Forecasting figures and position averages

Adhese displays the forecasting figures and position averages in the Header tab of the booking, on the basis of the selected position. These figures give you a first idea whether the booking will reach its impression objective.

The position averages change on the basis of the profile targets you choose in a next step (see Campaign targeting).

If the position is overbooked, the variable Booked from the forecasting figures will be higher than 100%. It depends upon the priority of competing bookings (i.e. bookings that are booked at the same position as the booking you are creating) whether your booking will deliver and reach its goals. If the number of impressions from the Booking will reach variable is lower than the number of Needed impressions, the booking is not expected to reach its goal and the background of the forecast will colour red.

For more information about these numbers, refer to Forecasting figures and Position averages

Exclude publications and positions

When choosing a channel (or a group of positions) two new links appear. These links make it possible to exclude specific publications and/or positions from the channel.

Exclude publications and positions from a channel

To exclude one or more publications:

  1. Click the Exclude publications link. This opens the Excluded publications modal window.
  2. Select the publications you wish to exclude.
  3. Click the Save button.

To exclude one or more positions:

  1. Click the Exclude positions link. This opens the Excluded positions modal window.
  2. Select the positions you wish to exclude.
  3. Click the Save button.
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