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The proliferation of smartphones, phablets, tablets, laptops and other devices confirms the need for both publishers and advertisers to consider a responsive strategy.

The design of a responsive website scales down or up together with the dimensions of the device's browser screen – without compromising the readability of the website's content or the usability of the interface.

The technology of Adhese can deliver the same creative on different devices. The only thing you need to do, is determining the display resolution in which the dimensions of the creative will properly fit. An ad is only shown (and counted as an impression) when the ad request is sent from a device that is able to guarantee a correct delivery of the ad. Therefore, there is no need to create a booking or upload a creative for each different kind of device, browser, manufacturer or browser you wish to target. However, advertisers are still able to deliver an optimized creative for each device they wish to target separately.

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