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Data ownership

Because everyone has the right to their own data, Adhese ensures that you keep control and ownership. All collected data stays yours and only yours and Adhese will definitely not use this data. You decide what happens with your data.

Data transparency

Data transparency concerns clarity and accuracy. First, the ownership of your data needs to be clearly defined. Who can access your data and, if access is granted, what are someone's user rights? In addition, the shared streams or flows of data need to be clearly determined. How is data flowing?

Finally, it needs to be obvious which definitions are used to explain a data metric if you wish to share data. Even though the name for a specific metric such as an impression might be universal, the definition and calculation of the metric does not necessarily need to be universal.

As a publisher, it is important to provide transparent information towards your advertisers. This strengthens your honesty and reliability and reduces misunderstandings.

Data transfer

Data transfer is about exchanging data with any other party. Adhese strongly believes that your user data is very valuable and important. That's why you should have the choice of deciding with whom you want to share your data.

Adhese will manage the protection of your data through a data protocol, if you decide to share your data with others. Adhese provides customized and safe solutions and actually acts as the gatekeeper on your database.

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